Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner 2017 was a success!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

一年一度感恩節聚餐成功的結束了! 我們要感謝每一位與我們一起努力吃完食物的朋友們。感恩節是美國家庭的傳統節日之一,在每年11月的第4個星期四的這天,大家聚集在一起感謝一年來的豐收與幸福,是一個充滿祝福與感謝的日子。



Our annual turkey day 2017 dinner was a huge success! We would like to thank everyone for helping us eat all of the delicious food. Thanksgiving, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, is an annual tradition in the United States. A holiday to celebrate the years good fortune, bountiful harvest, as well as what we’re most thankful for.

At Sleepy Dragon Hostel we are most thankful for all of the good friends we’ve made and to the never ending support we receive from everyone.

To show our thanks we will be offering a special discounted rate for Mon, Nov. 24 – Fri, Nov 30. Use the code “blackfriday” through our website to receive your discount.

Thanksgiving Day 2017

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