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Accommodation Exchange

Accommodation Exchange

∞ How to exchange / 換宿方案
1. Hostel Daily Work ⇔ Free Accommodation

[ for how long ] at least 2 weeks or more / 至少2週或以上

[ what we need ] 3-5 hours per day / 5 days per week (usually is morning to noon and weekend)

hostel daily work, such as help making breakfast, house keeping, safety check, etc.

每天 3-5 小時 / 每週 5 天 (通常是早上到中午,以及週末)


      ◊ Basic requirements / 基本要求

           English communication / 能用英文溝通


2. Project for Hostel ⇔ Free Accommodation

[ for how long ] a week to a month, depend on the project / 一週到一個月, 根據你的專案計畫而定[ what we need ] 

indoor art/ design / decoration for hostel, photograph or design for the website


your project, we love all kinds of ideas from you

旅舍環境美化/ 設計/ 布置,環境攝影



3. Guide Book ⇔ Discounted or Free Accommodation

[ for how long ] few days to a week / 幾天到一週

[ what we need ] all kinds of language guide books or magazines about Taipei or Taiwan

published from 2014-2016 (as new as possible)

used or brand new all OK

關於台灣、台北各種語言的旅遊書籍或雜誌/ 2014-2016年間出版(越新月好) / 二手或新書皆可


∞ Accommodation / 提供住宿類型
Mixed Dorm Bed or Female Dorm Bed 混和房或女生房床位


∞ When to apply / 可申請時間
Anytime / 任何時間直到額滿為止


∞ How to apply / 如何申請換宿
Fill out our application for accommodation exchange. HERE
Quick and painless.
We will then let you know if we can use your help during your requested dates.