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Q: How do i use this page?
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Q: What are the counter hours?
Counter hours are 8:00 ~ 20:00.

Q: Can I check in later than 20:00?
Please note check in time is 15:00~20:00. If you need to request a later check-in time you must contact the hostel, prior to your check-in date, for self-check-in instructions.
If you do not contact the hostel to request a later check-in time prior to your arrival, your reservation will be marked as a no-show, in accordance with the cancellation policy, once the counter has closed OR you will be charged an extra late fee (TWD$100/hour!).

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you may pay by cash or credit card upon arrival.

Q: Can I store my luggage there?
Yes. You may store your luggage in the hostel before check-in and after check-out.  Pick up before 15:00 is free, but overnight storage is $50NT per night per bag.

Q: Can the hostel receive my mail or package?
Yes, But please follow these rules:

1. Contact the hostel prior to sending and leave money at the front desk if the package needs to be paid for. WE WILL NOT PAY FOR YOUR PACKAGE.
2. Write “Sleepy Dragon Hostel – YOUR BOOKING NAME” as the recipient name.
3. Your mail or package must arrive during your stay.

Q: Can I get discounts for my stay?
Of course. We have various discounts such as “early bird” discounts and “3 days or more” discounts through our own website.
See our booking engine for any discounts applicable to your desired dates.

Q: Can I check-out later than 11:00?
It depends on how late you want to check out. Please talk to us prior to your check-out date for special requests like this.

Q: Can I cancel or modify my reservation?
Yes. You may cancel or modify your reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy.
Check the cancellation policy in your confirmation email for the details.

Q: Are there lockers in the rooms?
Yes. Each bunk has its own locker for storing your luggage. Locker dimensions are 100cmx50cmx50cm(avg).
We suggest you bring your own lock, but it’s free to borrow one if you forget.

Q: Can I cook in the hostel?
Yes. We have a kitchen with everything you would need, just clean up after yourself.

Q: Do you take group reservations?
Yes! We do accept group reservations. In order to provide you the best price possible for your group please fill out the form on our “Group Reservations” page. You will also find some detailed information including a breif price breakdown. We look forward to your stay with us!
Q: Do you have a work exchange program?
Yes. We do have a work exchange program in place. The main focus of this program is to provide fellow travelers another way to express their creative side and to learn more about the Taiwanese culture. Please visit our “Accommodation Exchange” page for the details.

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