Elephant Mountain

Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain)

Elephant Mountain 象山 Xiangshan also known as “Elephant Mountain” has its own MRT station. The top of the mountain is a great spot to take pictures of Taipei 101 and watch the sunset.

Songshan Culture and Creative Park

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區 The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園區 was originally built in 1937 as a tobacco factory by the Japanese government. After being renamed in 1945 and 1947, the factory ceased […]

Taipei Arena

Taipei Arena

Taipei Arena 臺北巨蛋 The Taipei Arena was originally built, in 2005, as a vast indoor sporting arena. It can accommodate events such as concerts, sporting events, and various exhibitions. 


Puppetry Art Center

Puppetry Art Center The Puppetry Art Center of Taipei opened in August 2004 and is located next to the Bulbous Living Mall. It was born from a passion for the art of puppetry.

Ciyou Temple 01

Ciyou Temple

Ciyou Temple 松山慈祐宮 Songshan Ciyou Temple 松山慈祐宮 is located just outside the Songshan MRT station and the Eastern gate of the Raohe Night market. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Matsu. It has a 4-tiered roof […]

Wu Fen Pu

Wu Fen Pu Wu Fen Pu is easily the largest wholesale garment area in Taipei. It is located between the Songshan and Houshapi stations. It covers several square blocks of small alleys and lanes. You […]

Long-Term Stay Plan

Last Updated: Nov 2017 Interns / International Students / Long-term Stays Don’t want to just stay in a small room by yourself? You’ll like to stay long-term at Sleepy Dragon with other guests from all over the world. Monthly […]

Accommodation Exchange

Accommodation Exchange 換宿方案 ∞ How to exchange / 換宿方案 1. Hostel Daily Work ⇔ Free Accommodation [ for how long ] at least 2 weeks or more / 至少2週或以上 [ what we need ] 3-5 hours per day […]