Check-In Check-Out

Mickey the Mao

They call me Mickey Mao because of the Mickey Mouse on my back. I like long walks on the beach and hiking in the mountains. Watching the sun rise and midnight walks around the neighborhood. Rain doesn’t bother me. I especially like chasing down cockroaches, lizards, and mice. My daddy lets me take care of the pest control. He says everyone needs to have a job. I only eat raw meat though. I like to smell people food, but i would never eat that stuff. I love to socialize with people, but I don’t like to meet new animals…they just aren’t cool enough for me. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. If i need something from you, i will tell you. Don’t try to pick me up like a baby! I hate it when people try to pick me up. I’m a grown kitty now. I love gentle pets, but not too much. Never touch my belly…its mine, not yours! I like to play hide and seek. I’m good at soccer too.